NL International Frankreich

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Why join NL International?

A new way to sell

Rather than using a traditional sales approach, NL International has devised a new way to sell its products: le B2U.

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A promising career

Becoming an Opportunity Manager will allow you to work when you want and at your own pace, depending on your personal objectives.

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A method and
innovative products

NL International has devised an innovative and successful method - the NO YOYO method. It's based on nutritionally effective products that are produced in France by the Beautysané® brand.

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An attractive salary

Whether you're looking to boost your income or find a career that suits, NL International offers an earnings system that has no ceiling and which is entirely based on your own professional ambitions.

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Appropriate training

A reputable professional team and powerful learning tools will be at your disposal so that you can be quickly trained up and work efficiently as well as autonomously.

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An international network

NL International offers genuine opportunities for you to develop your client base not only throughout Europe, but also across the globe.

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NL International summed up

This job allows me to work with friends, in a friendly atmosphere that helps people's bodies and health, as well as providing job satisfaction and a great income; life only gets better.
Sandrine OTTAVI
The NL CLUB CAR is an efficient method with regards to the work undertaken. Everyone can benefit from this system and forge a promising career!
Maud LACOUR and
Every distributor benefits from a start-up plan that's tailored to individual needs. Getting out in the field allows you to learn more and generate an income. The idea is that each distributor will work independently and run their own shop, so to speak.
Marylin and
This opportunity really appealed to us and we jumped at the chance to get on board. We felt that core values lacking in other companies were met: mutual aid, friendship, teamwork, working in partnership with others.
Véronique and
Christophe HOUSSIN
Unlike traditional companies, where you're forced to retire, direct selling via this network means you can start afresh at any age. What's more, I've been better able to help my children and grandchildren than I would have with just a basic pension.
Anne-Marie ANDREO