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Opportunity Manager: a job with prospects

Becoming an Opportunity Manager has made me more financially independent than I ever hoped.

You will extend your commercial activity by offering solutions to people who want to follow a more balanced diet, improve their performance in sport, get slim and stay slim long term.

Alongside this, you will give anyone who wants to boost their career or supplement their income the opportunity to join your team and become an Opportunity Manager themselves.

When you become an Opportunity Manager, you will develop your own sphere of activity, and make your most ambitious projects possible.

The jobs

An attractive payment package

NL International offers exceptional, uncapped payment opportunities that are in line with my ambitions.

As a company, NL International's career plan is to help specialists in the profession with more than 20 years of experience succeed in their studies and research.

NL International has a payment package that is particularly high-performing and innovative.
We will pay you 65% of our total gross profit, in addition to 30% of the margin made on sales.

NL International has also created a rewards scheme which could get you behind the wheel of the Audi of your dreams and en route to incredible places all over the world.

The route to being appointed


Effective training tools to help me develop my skills
and gain the knowledge I need to develop my activity.

NL International offers training workshops for the products, method and role of Opportunity Manager throughout the year.

NL International Convention 2013

NL Club Car

NL Club Car has given me the keys to the Audi of my dreams!

Every month, new distributors who have reached the required skill level can enjoy an additional bonus and choose the car of their dreams.

What better way to reward their hard work and collaboration with us?
Today, many distributors are already enjoying the benefits of being part of this scheme. Here are some of their testimonials:

Maud Lacour and Fabrice Mariaud

Maud Lacour and Fabrice Mariaud:

"The NL Club Car scheme is a real inspiration in the eyes of all our associates who are only waiting for one thing: to be part of it! Every day reminds us that driving a luxury car has a real effect on other drivers - their eyes always go to the NL logo printed on the chassis. This scheme is also a real acknowledge of our work. It also shows new distributors that they can reap the rewards of a career plan that is unrivalled in the current market!"
Brigitte and Jean-Claude Martini

Brigitte and Jean-Claude Martini:

"The NL Club Car scheme came just at the right time. We were going to have to change our car anyway - this way, we were able to get a model from a higher category that has many more features. So from now on we will be enjoying the comfort of a spacious saloon with a leather interior and an automatic gearbox.
Before this scheme, we never dreamed we would have a model like this as our second car so soon!
And it's always a pleasure to drive in a vehicle that has every comfort.
We really are very happy to work with a partner that pays so much attention to the interests of its distribution network. Thank you NL and and thank you Sylvain!
Nathalie Thésard and Laurent Chazouilleres

Nathalie Thezard and Laurent Chazouilleres:

A big thank-you to our partner NL International for making this accessible and motivational car scheme available to us.
It makes for enjoyable, safe and comfortable journeys when we drive around France to build up our networks.
We are very proud to wear the colours of a company that works alongside us.
NL Club Car: a help and an acknowledgement. It really boosts development.
Virginie and Joachim Enault

Virginie and Joachim Enault:

My wife and I joined a little over three years ago.
We have now been enjoying the benefits of the NL Club Car scheme for a few months.
Thanks to the bonus awarded to qualifying people, we are able to drive around in a very handsome Audi A5 Cabriolet, with a neat NL International sticker.
Besides just driving the car, people do stare at the "revealing your talent" slogan, and two people recently joined because of these stickers."
Sabrina Dubois and Nicolas Fleury

Sabrina Dubois and Nicolas Fleury:

"When I found out that NL was bringing out a car scheme, I thought, 'Cool! Another reward that we will be able to enjoy right away - amazing.' And I think everyone must have felt the same way. But when I discovered that they were planning to offer us an Audi, no less, I thought, 'Wow! When you look at it that way, it's different. It's not just a company car anymore, it's also an extraordinary way of showing their gratitude that will impress the group and give us a huge motivational boost.' And that was confirmed when I started talking about the concept after it was first presented to us. It's nothing like what other companies offer - we are setting ourselves apart from the competition in more and more radical ways. Once again, NL is giving direct sales a lift, making our enterprise a point of reference when it comes to way of life and rewarding effort. THANK YOU NL!"
Evelyne and Bertrand Oddon

Evelyne and Bertrand Oddon:

"We have just joined the NL Car Club, and we are more than happy. Thanks to NL International France, our skill level is getting the recognition it deserves, through this scheme that means that from now on we will be driving a luxurious Audi Q5 for the first time! The finish, quality of materials and features, silence, safety and performance of the car make our driving genuinely comfortable and enjoyable. It's important for our work in the field, and it's great to be able to benefit from it as a family!
This car, with the NL International "revealing your talent" colours, really turns heads, and makes other drivers and passers-by curious - there is no doubt that it's an effective marketing tool that is spreading a luxury image of our network.